ANDRITZ Airlay technical center

Airlay Airfelt

The Airfelt is a simpler type of vertical Airlay which retains the advantages of true air forming technology dedicated mostly to automotive, bedding and furniture felts.

ANDRITZ Airlay Airfelt sample line


  • Ideally for the production of automotive, bedding and furniture felts
  • Optimal distribution of fibers for a favorable ratio of volume to raw fibers used
  • Maximum compatibility of all machines in the lines - complete line equipment from ANDRTZ (except flat oven and winder)
  • Low maintenance requirements for long-lasting production and favorable ROI
  • Our technical center is always at your disposal for your product ideas
  • Also benefit from a global service network

3D configuration of ANDRITZ Airfelt line


Inside the ANDRITZ Laroche Technical Center


Close Ups Airlay Airfelt line


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