Flexible ANDRITZ single-disc refining - easy to operate and maintain.

ANDRITZ pressurized refining systems are fitted with machines and equipment which are also used in the pulp and paper industry. 

This ensures highest availability and accurate adjustment and control of the process at any time. For highest fiber quality, the ANDRITZ swing door refiners are the right choice.

ANDRITZ engineers select the right machine for each application depending on the process conditions, such as capacity and raw material to be processed.

In order to ensure short down-time for refiner plate change, ANDRITZ single-disc refiners are equipped with the unique swing door design. Direct access to the refining chamber as well as direct mounting of the refiner plates on the rotor and stator ensure highest accuracy for fiber production and short down-time for refiner plate change.

ANDRITZ high-consistency refiner - product family

Chips in - high-quality fibers out

The well-proven bearing design allows wide operating flexibility and, together with the specially developed mechanical seal concept for refining technology, the ANDRITZ refiner ensures excellent performance at highest availability.

Furthermore, the ANDRITZ refiner can be equipped with direct dilution water feeding for processing dry raw material for fiber production to improve the fiber quality and prolong the lifetime of the refiner plates.