ANDRITZ Fiber Centrifuge AFC

ANDRITZ Steam Recovery Systems

Plant capacities are rising constantly and so the range between the minimum and maximum fiber demand for MDF production is also increasing accordingly.

To meet this challenge, ANDRITZ has developed two different types of steam recovery system – the Steam Recovery System SRS and the ANDRITZ Fiber Centrifuge AFC – to cover all capacity ranges for surplus steam recovery from the pressurized refining system.

Steam Recovery System SRS

Major steam savings for greater thermal efficiency

The ANDRITZ Steam Recovery System SRS recovers surplus steam efficiently from the blow line in front of the gluing section and dryer. The recovered steam can be reused in the existing pre-steaming bin to heat up and condition the raw material in the system, which significantly reduces the amount of fresh steam required.

A smart control system ensures that the steam recovery system is operated safely and with optimized efficiency over the entire range of production capacities.


  • Greater thermal efficiency
  • Considerable process steam savings
  • Smart process control system
  • No additional power needed
  • No impact on gluing efficiency
  • Less fuel and boiler feed water needed
  • Easy to retrofit

ANDRITZ Fiber Centrifuge AFC

Reduced steam demand thanks superior separation

The ANDRITZ Fiber Centrifuge AFC efficiently separates surplus steam from the fiber flow in the blow line. Recovered steam is then reused to pre-heat wood chips in the atmospheric pre-steaming bin and generate best possible conditions in terms of temperature and moisture.
In parallel, the workload of the downstream dryer is reduced significantly by removing surplus steam from the fiber flow before drying.


  • Efficient fiber/steam separation
  • Reduced dryer load
  • Drastically reduced fresh steam demand for the
  • complete process
  • Easy to retrofit in existing plants
  • Wide operational window of minimum/maximum capacity
  • Fiber Centrifuge AFC

    Energy efficient separation of fibers and steam

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  • Steam Recovery System SRS

    Efficient reuse of blow line steam

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