Components for the extraction of drinking water

ANDRITZ has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of water intake systems. Our experts have realized and installed many projects all over the world, whether it’s a desalination plant in Middle East or water intake for drinking water in Europe, ANDRITZ is your partner with expertise and competence.

Water is a precious resource. When it comes to successful water treatment, the more important factors are low maintenance cost, large open area, low pressure drop, easy cleaning, long service life and process reliability. Wedge wire screen technology from ANDRITZ offers a range of water treatment solutions for the environment in which you want to operate. 

Passive intake screen systems

Passive water intake system is an environmental friendly solution for water abstraction specially designed to protect aquatic life and meet fish protection regulations, such as the European Eel Directive. Considering your project specification ANDRITZ engineers will provide a design totally adapted with:

Low impact on wild life and environment

  • Low through slot velocity (max 0,15m/s) - All our products meet USA and UK laws for fish protection
  • Totally submerged static filters invisible within the landscape

Limited maintenance cost

  • V-Shaped profile wire for, low pressure drop, less clogging and longer filtration cycles
  • Available as an option ANDRITZ Euroslot can also deliver an autonomous air backwash system to remove leaves and other debris from the surface of the screen in order to maintain process flow.

High Durability

  • Totally welded structure
  • Wide range of metal alloys and materials proposed to limit corrosion risks and to minimize biofouling from invasive species such as Zebra mussels
  • Perfect build quality for a long lifetime and a failure-free water intake process

Water intake system

Gravitary filters (Underdrains)

Gravitary filters by ANDRITZ are a cost-effective and stable solution for filtration plants. Its’ main purpose is to maintain filtering media (sand , activated carbon,…), drain filtered water and ensure good and even distribution of air and water during backwash phases

The stainless steel construction offers the following advantages:

  • High open area for an optimized  filtration cycle
  • No maintenance needed
  • Very strong construction

Find out more about our underdrain system

Gravitary Filter (Underdrain)

Water well screens

ANDRITZ delivers water well screens for both major applications: Wedge wire well screens for shallow water as well as a reinforced version for deep water wells. When compared to conventional slotted pipes, ANDRITZ water well screens have superior open area due to their continuous slot opening.


  • Reduced energy consumption and increased water flow
  • Reduced erosion of entry surfaces and increased well life
  • A uniform and efficient well development
  • No pump damage due to avoided risk of contaminants
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