Deinking flotation

Recycled fiber pulp flotation to achieve high brightness with low fiber loss


Efficient deinking requires balancing two important considerations: increasing brightness as much as possible while at the same time retaining as many fibers as possible. The ANDRITZ SelectaFlot achieves this balance. SelectaFlot deinking is the result of decades of operating experience and is based on sound technology.


SelectaFlot SFL flotation

SelectaFlot SFL flotation - open


Benefits of ANDRITZ SelectaFlot deinking flotation

  • Maximum improvement in optical qualities (high brightness, low dirt)

  • Low energy consumption

  • Flexible and broad application range for different raw materials
  • Simple and stable process control minimizing variations
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Adaptable to any mill layout
  • High reject consistency saving dewatering and disposal costs
  • Wide range of capacities

New multi-injector design

ANDRITZ has developed a new multi-injector design for the primary stage in deinking flotation systems.  The multi-injector is tailor-made for effective ink removal and consumes 50% less energy than previous designs. The new design optimizes the air intake in the injector as well as the distribution within the flotation cell. Furthermore, a newly developed pump series – which is more energy efficient – is utilized.

The new multi-injector was designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for modelling an optimum air bubble size and distribution to obtain the best deinking performance. It is based on a reshaped nozzle geometry, which also reduces the risk of plugging.


  • In new SelectaFlot systems
  • Rebuild package of existing SelectaFlot cells, providing lowest ROI
  • Rebuild of competitor cells for increased performance and lower operating costs

FoamEx: mechanical destruction of foam (especially flotation foam)

The foam generated in flotation deinking is collected and discharged into the foam tank. FoamEx sits on top of the foam tank and destroys foam by creating a partial vacuum through the rotation of the conically shaped rotor. The liquefied foam, which is heavily loaded with ink and dirt, is discharged at the top of the cone.


FoamEx FE foam breaker

Benefits of the ANDRITZ FoamEx FE foam breaker

  • Soft mechanical destruction
  • Low energy demand
  • No plugging
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low residual air content in liquefied foam

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    ANDRITZ SelectaFlot

    Efficient deinking is primarily about two things: how to increase the brightness as much as possible and at the same time keep as many fibers as possible. SelectaFlot does both.

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    Fiber preparation pilot plant, for customer trials, research and development

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    ANDRITZ China - Stock testing laboratory

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    DIP plant provides much-needed fiber and flexibility

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