Efficient fiber recovery with ANDRITZ Hi-Max filters

High mechanical strength, minimum hole size, and maximum open area for efficient fiber recovery

ANDRITZ Hi-Max filter baskets are electron beamed drilled baskets used for deashing and fiber recovery in different applications, for example black liquor filtration and circulating water purification.

ANDRITZ E-Beam baskets are available with ring construction and with two different back-up designs.

Electron beam-drilled screen baskets feature extremely small hole diameters (from 100 µm) and a large open area of up to 14%. The Hi-Max filter basket is specially designed for use in the pulp and paper industry for black liquor filtration, circulating water purification, and fiber recovery.

Hi-Max filter basket benefits

  • With cage design maximum strength and high open area

  • Efficient fiber removal / recovery or deashing

  • Special materials available (SMO)

  • Chrome-plating on request

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