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PrimeReel for optimal web handling on paper and board machines

ANDRITZ offers the PrimeReel in three configurations: standard, advanced, and centerwind.

The PrimeReel family is a modular, one-platform concept with the aim of maintaining even paper quality from first to last wrap on the jumbo roll. Standard, advanced, and centerwind assisted paper reels are available.

© Otmar Winterleitner
© Otmar Winterleitner

PrimeReel Standard

Basic reel with nip load compensation. Consists of a linear primary arm and conventional pivoting secondary arm.

PrimeReel Advanced

Basic reel version with nip load compensation. Consists of a linear primary arm and linear secondary arm for products which need sensitive handling during reeling.

PrimeReel Centerwind

Design makes it possible to include centerwind assisted drive for linear primary and secondary arms. Enables winding of larger diameter parent rolls without any deterioration in reeling quality.

The PrimeReel at at glance

  • Contactless web handling
  • No wrinkles, no creasing
  • Various tension ranges and wrap angles
  • Width flexibility up to 10,000 mm

The PrimeReel AT A GLANCE

  • Modular system in all four reel types - Upgrade possible from PrimeReel to a PrimeReel Centerwind
  • Up to 10 m paper width and 4.6 m parent roll diameter
  • Linear primary carrier guard for careful reeling on all PrimeReel types - make use of the paper right from the first wrap
  • Controlled and safe wrapping process ensuring consistent paper quality from the first to the last wrap during reeling
  • Many variants and options available - fulfilling customers operating demands
  • Easy to operate and maintain - highest availability together with our paper mill service
  • High degree of safety during operation and maintenance - “Safety first” is one of our most important goals
  • Best pre-conditions for fast rebuilds and start-up

ANDRITZ offers the PrimeReel in four configurations: PrimeReel, PrimeReel Hybrid, PrimeReel Premium Hybrid and PrimeReel Premium Centerwind.


Consistent paper quality thanks to high reeling uniformity in cross direction with reliable synchronization of front side and drive side. Controlled nip load during the entire wrapping process. Make use of the paper right from the first wrap.

The PrimeReel has the best performance level for all types of corrugated base paper and uncoated fine paper under perfect reeling conditions.

Should further investments be planned, the ANDRITZ PrimeReel is prepared for easy upgrade to a PrimeReel Hybrid  larger parent roll diameters, increased speed, winding of sensitive paper grades, etc.

© Lars Behrendt

PrimeReel Hybrid

Low nip loads possible down to 0.2 N/mm. Torque transfer established to parent roll through center drive. One center drive covers both primary and part of the secondary area.

The Hybrid unit with the “plug-and-play” system has the perfect design to upgrade all types of horizontal reels as well as providing improved safety and maintainability. In combination with larger parent roll diameters, the dry-end capacity can be increased significantly. The PrimeReel Hybrid can be used for any grade of paper and board and is especially suitable for highly sensitive and smooth grades.


PrimeReel Premium Hybrid

The center-drive hybrid design is combined with advanced controls. This product provides direct nip load measurement with nip load control as well as linear and frictionless loading of primary and secondary carriage guide.

The PrimeReel Premium Hybrid can be used for any grade of paper and board and is especially suitable for nearly all highly sensitive and smooth grades. The ANDRITZ PrimeReel Premium Hybrid comes prepared for easy upgrade to a PrimeReel Premium Centerwind, which can be used for winding all grades of paper and is especially suitable for special grades.

PrimeReel Graphic

PrimeReel Premium Centerwind

The PrimeReel Premium Centerwind has two synchronized center drives with advanced controls. The full range is covered by center drives for both the primary and the secondary area. It is used for reeling of grades with a sensitive surface in combination with large parent roll diameters. The use of low nip loads provides even smoothness values in the top layer and core.

This highly sophisticated design is especially suitable for any kind of highly sensitive paper and board grades.


PrimeReel product overview


PrimeReel Hybrid

PrimeReel Premium Hybrid

PrimeReel Premium Centerwind

Paper grade / performance

Container board, uncoated fine paper, etc.

Nearly all grades

Nearly all grades, high speed

All grades, high speed

Primary arm

(carriage guide with sensitive nip load)

Secondary arm

(pivoting lever)

(carriage guide with sensitive nip load)

Nip load control



Hybrid drive

(primary and partly secondary area)

(upgrade possible)


Secondary center drive


(upgrade possible)


Reel spool magazine

For 3 reel spools
(optional: up to 6 reel spools)

Reel drum

Cast iron
(optional: all surface types are possible; primary arm is always ready for fast replacement)

TurnUp system

Tape/Water jet/Nordic blow system

Tail transfer

Rope guide system, ropeless: PrimeFeeder

Platforms, walkways to reel spool magazines and cross-walkways


Weighting device


Edge cutter


Slabbing unit


Jumbo roll transport system

(gravimetric or guided system)

Jumbo roll storage


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