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PrimeReel for optimal web handling on paper and board machines

ANDRITZ offers the PrimeReel in three configurations: standard, advanced, and centerwind.

The PrimeReel family is a modular, one-platform concept with the aim of maintaining even paper quality from first to last wrap on the jumbo roll. Standard, advanced, and centerwind assisted paper reels are available.


PrimeReel Standard

Basic reel with nip load compensation. Consists of a linear primary arm and conventional pivoting secondary arm.

PrimeReel Advanced

Basic reel version with nip load compensation. Consists of a linear primary arm and linear secondary arm for products which need sensitive handling during reeling.

PrimeReel Centerwind

Design makes it possible to include centerwind assisted drive for linear primary and secondary arms. Enables winding of larger diameter parent rolls without any deterioration in reeling quality.

The PrimeReel at at glance

  • Contactless web handling
  • No wrinkles, no creasing
  • Various tension ranges and wrap angles
  • Width flexibility up to 10,000 mm

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