PrimeReel detail 

PrimeReel for tissue machines

The ANDRITZ PrimeReel reels for tissue machines are designed for reeling and stable operation for a uniform tissue production.



PrimeReel standard

A nip load compensation system in the secondary arm maintains even winding pressure. In addition, load relief of the primary arms during the transfer process, together with sophisticated electronic controls ensure that the tissue quality is at its best right down to the spool.

PrimeReel advanced / centerwind

With nip load compensation the tissue paper is wound carefully and gently. The weight of the reel spool is relieved at the primary arm while pressure in the secondary arm is precisely based on the nip pressure. Tissue volume and bulk are kept constant throughout the entire winding process until the tissue roll. The PrimeReel advanced is controlled hydraulically and is equipped with a linear secondary arm. Fitting a centerwind assist drive on the back side would upgrade this to a centerwind reel, which is recommended for particularly soft, high-bulk tissue such as TAD tissue and towel.

PrimeReel detail 

PrimeReel detail 

Flexible operation

The control software has several operating modes, allowing the reel to be controlled via cylinder pressure, by the secondary arm positioning or via load cell-based nip control.

Nip control

A load cell mounted in line with the spool at the reel drum stands delivers information to the control software which then generates a uniform wind from the first wrap to the last.

At a glance

  • Platform-based choice of reel, from standard to centerwind assisted
  • High bulk uniformity of the parent roll, from first to last wrap
  • For ultra-premium products (e.g. TAD) control at minimal nip loads

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