ANDRITZ tissue sustainability

PrimeLineTEX - the new ANDRITZ machine for textured tissue

High-end product quality at lower costs.

The new ANDRITZ machine PrimeLineTEX enables customers to produce textured tissue of a quality being superior to dry crepe and very close to structured (TAD) tissue, while at the same time achieving significant cost savings.

Design data:


5.6 m / 2.8 m


Up to 210 t/24h / up to 105 t/24h

Paper grades:    

toilet, towel

PrimeLineTEX is available with widths of 5.6 or 2.8 m and produces high quality tissue for towel and sanitary applications. The machine offers up to 25% fiber savings compared to dry-crepe and even 50% less energy consumption compared to TAD. The machine is remarkably shorter in length than other market solutions, and uses only one additional fabric instead of two. Furthermore, the PrimeLineTEX machine can swing between textured and dry-crepe tissue within much shorter time than comparable solutions.

As a turnkey supplier, ANDRITZ can offer the complete textured tissue production line including stock preparation, pumps and automation system.


“Our new PrimeLineTEX machine enables customers to produce high quality tissue close to TAD but with substantially reduced investment and operating costs. It is available to all markets worldwide, without any restrictions. This new machine offers profitable advantages for our customers,”


Vice President Tissue at ANDRITZ


“Come to our tissue pilot plant in Graz, Austria, to test and develop your future textured tissue!”


Head of Operation Tissue Pilot Plant at ANDRITZ