Biomass boiler infeed day silo

Boiler and gasifier feed systems

ANDRITZ offers excellent technology for feeding and distributing biomass to boilers and gasifiers for energy production.

Uniform fuel feeding and distribution

Cost-effective production of energy biomass is very much dependent on efficient handling of available biomass sources, as well as the efficiency of each process. Biomass fuels must be evenly distributed to the various feeding points in a boiler or gasifier so that maximum throughput can be maintained, combustion can be optimized, and emissions can be minimized.

Complete systems or specific equipment – ANDRITZ has the solution

ANDRITZ offers complete solutions for feeding biomass to boilers and gasifiers.  The scope of supply can vary from complete plants to individual equipment delivery. ANDRITZ is very experienced in project management, ensuring deliveries that are on-time and on-budget, and produce excellent economic results for energy producers.

Biomass feed systems

ANDRITZ systems for biomass feeding to a boiler or gasifier is rugged in design and well-proven. This ensures high availability of the power generation unit and a uniform, continuous feed so that efficiencies are maximized.

The modular design and range of configuration options for ANDRITZ technologies allow for delivery of a feed system to accommodate different layouts and sizes of the boiler or gasifier.

Biomass boiler infeed day silo
Biomass boiler infeed transfer point
Biomass boiler infeed system

Biomass feed system equipment available from ANDRITZ

  • Boiler “day” silo
  • Silo reclaimer
  • Closed conveyors (chain or screw)
  • Equalizing bin
  • Rotary valve
  • Drop chute or pushing screw to boiler

Features of ANDRITZ biomass feed systems

  • Wide capacity range
  • Ability to accommodate a wide range of biomass materials (wood chips, pellets, bark, hog fuel, peat)
  • High uptime with rugged, proven design
  • ATEX approved for fire protection

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