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ANDRITZ Carbona Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) gasifier

Pressurized systems, air- or oxygen-blown

ANDRITZ Carbona pressurized gasification technology was originally developed for coal gasification by the Gas Technology Institute in the USA. Since this early development, ANDRITZ has modified the technology for biomass use.

ANDRITZ BFB gasifier system

ANDRITZ has developed air-blown and oxygen-blown BFB gasifiers using two large pilot plants. In addition, a commercial gasification plant in Denmark has logged significant operating hours to develop the gasifier and gas clean-up system. The gas clean-up is particularly important for removing the most harmful elements, either by filtering the partially cooled gas or by using reactive catalysts in order to avoid tar problems. Catalysts are also utilized for changing gas composition, depending on the application.

The main application for pressurized air-blown BFB gasification would be to fuel a Combined and Heat Power (CHP) plant with gas engines like the one in Skive, Denmark.

Low-pressure system for combined heat and power applications

In low-pressure (air-blown) systems, the ANDRITZ Carbona gasification plant can provide clean gas for engines or boilers. Typically, these applications are in the 20 – 50 MWfuel range.

The first demonstration plant in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) application was commissioned in Skive, Denmark, in 2008. The gas product from the BFB gasification plant fuels three gas engines. The main components of the Skive installation are the fluidized bed ANDRITZ Carbona gasifier in connection with a catalytic gas clean-up system and the engine power plant with heat recovery.

The system is best suited for power generation of 5 – 15 MWe. The electrical energy efficiency of the process is around 30% and the total energy efficiency of the plant is higher when used in CHP mode.

BFB gasifier. I/S Skive Fjernvarme, Denmark.

FuelsWood pellets and chips
Technical data6 MWe and 12 MW (41 MMBtu/hr)
district heat
Low-pressure BFB Gasifier
Three combustion engines
Option: gas combustion in two district
heating boilers
FeaturesUnique catalytic tar reforming system
Large turndown ratio
Entire plant CE-approved

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