ANDRITZ Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) gasifier

ANDRITZ delivers high-quality, proven technology gasifiers for lime kilns and boilers with auxiliary systems and biomass fuel handling.

Atmospheric systems for producing fuel gas

The basic fluidization principles are the same for fluidized bed boilers and gasifiers. For this reason, CFB gasification technology can be scaled up to very large sizes compared to most biomass gasification technologies. Read about biomass gasification in the article A major step to reduce carbon footprint in pulp mills in SPECTRUM NOW.

A CFB gasifier is fuel-flexible and can process a great variety of low-grade fuels – wood-based biomass, other biomass with sufficient gasification properties, and certain waste-derived rejects from industrial processes.

ANDRITZ CFB gasifier system

ANDRITZ CFB gasifiers have been in operation since the 1980s. The technology has been upgraded over the years to satisfy today’s demands for reliability, safety, and efficiency.

ANDRITZ CFB gasifiers produce combustible fuel gases in a capacity range of up to 150 MWfuel for lime kilns (lime reburning kilns in pulp mills) and for the power industry. The lime kiln gasification system can replace 100% of lime kiln oil / natural gas consumption by utilizing biomass fuels available at the pulp mills.

Coal-fired power boilers can be converted, at least partially, to use gasifier gas from biomass. Using the existing power generation capacity to reduce CO2 emissions is an economically viable way to burn local biomass.

CFB gasifier

CFB gasifier. MetsäFibre Joutseno, Finland

CFB gasifier. Chenming, China.

CFB gasifier. Chenming, China.

CFB gasifier 3D image


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