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ANDRITZ kraft pulp bleaching

High brightness, less chemical consumption

ANDRITZ pulp bleaching technology ensures high-quality bleached pulp with minimal environmental loading and impact. The latest ANDRITZ technologies deliver the required brightness with less chemical consumption, saving considerably in operating costs.

Uniform pulp brightness with chemical and energy savings

ANDRITZ’s expertise and experience make it possible to specify and install the optimal pulp bleaching system to match each mill’s requirements for bleached pulp quality, chemical consumption, equipment availability, and effluent volumes and quality.

Advanced mixing and reactor technology ensure uniform bleaching result in each stage. Efficient washing after each pulp bleaching stage ensures high availability and proper removal of dissolved lignin. Together, this minimizes chemical and energy consumption and effluent load, resulting in high-quality bleached pulp with minimal environmental load.

Bleaching towers

Processes and technologies available from ANDRITZ

  • Atmospheric and pressurized reactor towers – advanced designs for optimal bleaching
  • AMix chemical mixers AC – efficient mixing of bleaching chemicals
  • DD-Washer – single washing stage
  • GF-Filter washer for specific processes
  • Efficient scrubber technology

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