LimeGreen green liquor filters

ANDRITZ LimeGreen – green liquor filtration technologies

ANDRITZ offers innovative technologies for efficient filtration of green liquor and the handling of dregs in white liquor plant applications. These systems can be installed as standalone units in modernization or upgrade situations, and offer truly superior performance when integrated into a modern ANDRITZ LimeLine white liquor plant. ANDRITZ solutions not only enable efficient filtration of green liquor and mud-free handling of dregs, but also minimize environmental impact. 

Efficient filtration with minimal waste

The main function of the LimeGreen green liquor filtration system is to efficiently separate impurities (dregs) from the green liquor to increase the quality and capacity of the recausticizing process. It utilizes a falling film cross-flow technology which ensures efficient separation of even small impurities.

The LimeGreen green liquor filter is recognized for:

  • High availability and uptime – low maintenance requirements
  • Operating without the need for lime mud precoat and polymers
  • Minimizing alkaline losses
  • Long-life filter cloths to minimize changeouts
  • Minimizing the amount of solid waste that must be landfilled
  • Operational flexibility to adapt to changing process conditions

Lime mud free dregs handling minimizes costs

Modern pulp mills have to meet increasingly stringent requirements for treatment of dregs prior to disposal to landfill. Mills have different demands for the recovery of sodium chemicals and closure of lime circulations which require innovative technologies. The main function of the LimeFree dregs handling system is to dewater and wash dregs prior to reuse or disposal.

The LimeFree dregs handling unit is recognized for:

  • Precoat-free lime mud dewatering
  • No expensive polymers required
  • Decreasing solid waste to landfill by 50%
  • Optimizing lime purging which decreases requirements for make-up lime
  • Minimal alkaline losses
  • Being fully automated so that minimal attention is required

Comprehensive solutions from highly competent engineers

ANDRITZ specialists have extensive process knowledge gathered through decades of designing, installing, starting up, and optimizing recausticizing plants and lime kilns around the world.

This experience has been gained in upgrades, modernizations, line rebuilds, and greenfield installation which require the full complement of engineering (basic and detailed), manufacturing, erection, commissioning, start-up, and on-going service skills.  

LimeGreen green liquor filters

LimeGreen green liquor filters


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