screen basket of the Vertical Screw Thickener VST
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Vertical screw thickener: The latest innovation in dewatering

The pioneering Vertical Screw Thickener is a screw press with a vertical configuration and a very small footprint, making it suitable for retrofit installations in existing buildings. The pulp suspension is fed into the top of the machine, and its downward transport is gravity-assisted.

Learn more about the VST and watch the product introduction!

Presented by Peter Ortner, ANDRITZ Product Manager

Benefits of the VST

  • Higher production – or higher output dryness at the same production – compared to a screw press of the same size
  • Highest dewatering efficiency (particularly for low feed consistencies)
  • 100% filling degree
  • Uniform dewatering from top to bottom
  • Small footprint
  • Telescoping filtrate housing for easy access to screw and screens

VST: pulp is feed from top

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VST: pulp discharge at the botton

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Dewatering physics of the vertical cocept


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    The latest innovation in dewatering

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