Image of RotaBarker rotary debarker system

RotaBarker rotary debarker system

ANDRITZ RotaBarker ensures optimum debarking degree and maximizes utilization of raw materials.

High uptime – fully debarked logs even in tough conditions

The ANDRITZ RotaBarker can be installed as a standalone solution, as part of a line upgrade, or integrated into completely new lines. The RotaBarker is known for its outstanding uptime while producing clean, debarked logs even in the toughest conditions. The debarker is solid and sturdy: its rugged shell and substantial support system make it possible to debark very heavy hardwoods.

ANDRITZ RotaBarker features a flexible design that is suitable for cold conditions when a separate de-icing conveyor is not required before debarking, and also for tropical hardwoods like eucalyptus and acacia with their inherently stringy bark.

ANDRITZ RotaBarker benefits

The RotaBarker produces less wood loss and less breakage than a drum debarker, with much lower energy consumption. Additionally, the total investment cost is lower and the noise level of the unit is also low. 

Image of RotaBarker rotary debarker system

RotaBarker rotary debarker system

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