Second-hand HC Refiner S3068

High-consistency refiner S3068

Second-hand equipment

General information

Item ID:20125
Manufacturer:    ANDRITZ AG
Year built:2001
Type: S3068
Production capacity:   from 250 to 750 admt/d (depending on application, refining speed, SEC etc.)
Condition:good, maintenance required
Location: Europe

Technical information

Nominal power:  23.4 MW at 2,300 rpm  
Disc size:64” to 68”
Width:2,300 mm
Length:3,400 mm
Height:2,600 mm
Weight:29,200 kg


Additional information

High speed capability:  up to 2,300 rpm


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  • Datasheet HC Refiner S3068 PDF : 949 KB
  • Henan Tianbang – SPECTRUM 38 PDF : 827 KB