ANDRITZ high-pressure nozzles

High-pressure nozzles

ANDRITZ high-pressure disc and one-piece nozzles with ruby insert guarantee the highest jet quality for best conditioning and cleaning of forming fabrics and press felts.

ANDRITZ nozzles can be applied to all common high-pressure shower pipes. Various nozzle versions are available. All types are made of stainless steel and fitted with Teflon or FKM flat gaskets. The service life of high-pressure nozzles with ruby insert is much longer compared to nozzles with other inserts and can be prolonged further if the nozzles are serviced regularly according ANDRITZ recommendations.

Product portfolio

ANDRITZ disc nozzles

Disc nozzles

ANDRITZ disc nozzles with ruby insert for high-pressure shower pipes with threaded nozzle holders are secured with cap nuts.
The flat gasket is attached to the nozzle and cannot fall off.

ANDRITZ one-piece nozzles

One-piece nozzles

ANDRITZ one-piece nozzles with ruby insert are for high-pressure shower pipes with threaded nozzle holders, type M30 x 1.5 or M32 x 1.5. This special design makes these nozzles very easy to fit.

ANDRITZ hex socket nozzles

Hexagon socket nozzles

ANDRITZ high-pressure nozzles with hexagonal sockets are available with all standard threads.
The nozzles are used for high-pressure shower pipes in paper machines.

ANDRITZ super high-pressure sapphire nozzle

Super-high-pressure sapphire nozzle

For installation in traversing felt and fabric cleaning devices.
Operating pressure up to 1000 bar.
Jet diameters available from 0.10 mm to 0.30mm.
Available with or without filter screen insert.
The copper gasket for the nozzle is provided loose.

ANDRITZ one-piece nozzle with hexagon head

One-piece nozzle with hexagon head

Hexagon head with small jet exit tube
Designed for simple installation
Thread type M30 x 1.5

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