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ANDRITZ services for recovery boilers

ANDRITZ boiler service experts work in close cooperation with customers to improve the safety, performance, stability, availability, and efficiency of their recovery boilers.

The challenge

The challenge is to raise the overall production efficiency of your recovery boiler process by increasing availability, safety, efficiency, throughput, and environmental compliance.

The solution

In the spirit of a true partnership, our boiler service experts work in close cooperation with you to improve the performance, stability, availability, and efficiency of your recovery boilers and auxiliary equipments. The result is highly reliable processes and equipment that achieve maximum production and performance from your recovery boiler processes. All our operations are carried out in compliance with environmental and quality requirements, with safety being of prime importance. Challenge us to put our experience, technology, and knowledge to work at your mill!

ANDRITZ service benefits

  • Maximum production,
  • Extended payback and reduced life-cycle costs
  • Improvements in boiler and auxiliary equipment availability and reliability
  • Short, effective shut-downs and successful start-ups
  • Efficient chemical recovery  and low emissions
  • Improved combustion and boiler efficiency

Value-added services offered

  • Spare, wear parts, and consumables
  • Rebuilds and retrofits
  • Upgrades and modernizations
  • Field services and inspections
  • Shut-down and start-up services
  • Smelt pumping
  • SYNERGY™ agreements

Boiler pressure parts

  • Furnace walls
  • Steam/water drums
  • Super heaters
  • Evaporative surfaces
  • Economizers
  • Steam/Water air preheaters

Boiler key processes and auxiliary equipment

  • Black liquor distribution
  • Smelt and green liquor handling
  • Air system
  • Oil/gas burners
  • HVLC- and LVHC-gas burning
  • Smelt spouts and cooling system
  • Ash handling equipment
  • Soot blowing system

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