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Searching for an efficient alternative at the Caçador Guararapes plant

ANDRITZ offers a solution for extended service life and best performance

In search of an efficient alternative to extend the service life of Plug Screw Feeders (PSF), Guararapes found the perfect solution in the AdvaProtect 70 hardfacing supplied by ANDRITZ.

" A plug screw that would be changed after every seven months in use has its durability extended to one year by applying AdvaProtect 70 hardfacing."


Manager of the Caçador (SC) plant 

In order to overcome the bottleneck caused by plug screw feeders (PSF), which have a high wear rate, especially in the higher compression area, ANDRITZ has developed and patented a technology for refurbishment of PSFs by applying AdvaProtect 70, a new generation of wear protection coatings with a high hardness level that provides refurbished screws with a service life equal to that of new plug screws.

The material with a high hardness level that characterizes the surface protection guarantees an extended service life for equipment that usually has a high wear rate. Continuing to describe PSF operation the equipment is responsible for reducing the natural moisture content of the wood before it goes to the drying stage.


Working in partnership

ANDRITZ has been supplying equipment and technology for the Guararapes’ Caçador plant for over a decade. The most recent technology, the AdvaProtect 70 hardfacing, will be supplied for a period of two years.


  • longer service life of refurbished screws
  • reduced energy consumption thanks to high efficiency in the drainage stage
  • high wear resistance with excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • option of applying hardfacing only in areas that need to withstand high wear

The entire process, comprising refurbishment and the application of AdvaProtect 70 hardfacing, is carried out at the ANDRITZ workshop by specialized technicians using technically approved components, thus ensuring high quality at competitive prices.

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