ADuro QZ for bio waste treatment

Special application

The well-proven ADuro QZ is capable of processing different materials, such as packaged food, organic waste, or energy crops, and preparing them ideally for the fermentation process in biogas plants.

ADuro QZ shredder for bio-waste processing


Package food / bio waste after Bio-QZ treatment


  • Organic waste
  • Corn/grass silage, grass clippings
  • Horse, cow, and poultry manure
  • Slaughterhouse waste
  • Packaged food
  • Sugar beets

Diversity is what makes the difference

The ADuro QZ treats grass clippings, which are otherwise difficult to handle, as well as cow, horse, and poultry manure quickly and effectively. Flexible tools inside the machine produce a homogeneous substrate that has a positive effect on many important factors in a biogas facility.

If the ADuro QZ is used, the gas formation and fermentation times are shorter, the overall gas yield in the fermenter is higher, and the economic efficiency of the entire plant is enhanced. Any foreign objects present, such as packaging, are detached from the organic material and removed easily.

Benefits of the ADuro QZ

  • Suitable for a wide range of different input materials
  • Faster fermentation
  • Avoidance of floating layers
  • Shorter stirring times
  • Higher gas quality
  • Increased process stability
  • Gentle processing of packaged food to prevent the formation of micro-plastic
  • Insensitive to contaminants
  • Easy removal of contaminants from organic material
  • Low wear due to operating principle without knives

From single machines to complete plants

ANDRITZ Recycling offers the complete process chain, from infeed of the input material, to its disintegration, to feeding it to the fermenter. The individual process stages can be controlled through a common interface or included in the plant’s overall electronic control system. Existing biogas plants can also be upgraded easily with an ADuro QZ for more efficient use of gas potential.

Bio waste processing plant

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