Metris addIQ control system for decanter centrifuges

Decades of experience in one box

Metris addIQ control systems combine all our extensive operation, troubleshooting, and start-up experience in a tailored automation solution. ANDRITZ developed the addIQ control system, a modular, PLC-based system that supports you in making best use of your decanter centrifuge. In combination with additional add-ons, the addIQ control system maximizes the performance of your machine, regardless of whether you are using ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges or others (also available as upgrade for existing decanters).


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Stages of expansion to meet your needs

The Metris addIQ control system is available in different packages according to individual needs. The packages available include Metris addIQ Dynamic, Metris addIQ Prime, and Metris addIQ Flex.



  • Easy integration into existing or new dewatering lines/plants, ensuring a short start-up time
  • High availability and good performance in operation for all decanter-related functionalities
  • Avoids downtime by using preventive maintenance alarms and intuitive machine interface – peace of mind due to machine automation
  • Ready for remote support to guarantee short response times (Metris addIQ Connect)
  • Process improvements where applicable
  • Metris  addIQ control systems open the door to all future IIoT solutions

Additional improvement of process performance

Metris addIQ options for your decanter

Metris addIQ Connect

Metris addIQ Connect displays the most important process parameters of your machine, freely configurable, and easy to access.

Metris addIQ Monitoring

With this monitoring tool, you can monitor the health status of your machine 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Metris addIQ Optimizing

Our analyzing tool Metris addIQ Optimizing seeks out ways of saving money and of stabilizing and increasing production at your equipment.


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