Metris addIQ control systems with touch screen panel
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Metris addIQ control systems

Intelligence for machine and process control

Is your business the best it can be? Even with the best equipment, there is always room for improvement in performance,, productivity, and profit. Metris addIQ control systems deliver all three.

Metris addIQ control systems

Adding value with Metris addIQ control systems

  • Enhance availability and minimize production costs
  • Increase overall equipment efficiency and reduce risk of operational errors
  • Analyze and optimize processes with data collection
  • Global automation specialist network providing local service
  • Scalability of solutions
  • Production transparency via mobile app access

Metris addIQ control systems - Intelligence for separation machine and process control

Metris addIQ portfolio

Packages for new equipment and optimization

The family of addIQ packages allows every separation business to optimize its performance – whether you have a huge municipal wastewater operation or a niche family brewery. Choose the features that meet your separation challenge.

Each package has individual specifics that are directly connected to the type of machine it is used for.

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  • Metris addIQ control systems

    Intelligence for machine and process control

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  • Metris addIQ control system for decanter centrifuges

    Decades of experience in one box

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