Radar feed control for filter centrifuges

Metris addIQ radar feed controller for peeler centrifuges

Improve process throughput profoundly with ANDRITZ and one of the best value-for-money radar feed control units available today.

Many process industries deploy the peeler centrifuge as an efficient method to separate liquids from solids. However, the fill level within a peeler centrifuge must be carefully controlled to maximize throughput and efficiency. Filling is determined by the feed controller, a key component that ensures the ideal level is maintained as the solid cake builds up. Choosing the right feed controller can make a huge difference to operations by continually optimizing separation performance.


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Realize the benefits of Metris addIQ radar feed controller

In-built precision enables an increased throughput, representing a significant operational gain for owners and operators. With a highly competitive price point, Metris addIQ radar feed controller offers real value for money on capital expenditure, but they deliver numerous operational cost benefits too.

A radar feed controller detects the fill level by emitting extremely rapid microwave pulses


Illustration of the operating principle of feed control in a peeler centrifuge


Benefits and features at a glance

  • Maximum throughput
  • Maximum product quality
  • Maximum availability
  • Multi level detection for varying product conditions
  • Multi purpose for varying atmosphere conditions and product changes
  • Submerging point detection to reduce time for first spinning and optimize wash effect
  • Applicable for peeler centrifuges

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  • Metris addIQ radar feed controller

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