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Annealing and pickling lines for cold-rolled stainless steel strip

ANDRITZ provides customized annealing and pickling lines for the entire range of stainless steel strip dimensions.

ANDRITZ METALS supplies custom-tailored cold annealing and pickling lines (CAPL) with or without inline equipment, such as rolling mills (so called DRAP or WRAP lines).


Annealing furnace of a cold annealing and pickling line


Mill section of a rolling, annealing, and pickling line (RAPL)

Product description

These lines process stainless steel from the cold rolling mill. Thermal processing is used in order to achieve a soft, uniform metallurgical structure, and subsequent scale removal is conducted in special electrolytic pickling processes (NEOLYTE). Final products may be skin-pass rolled and/or tension-leveled.

Customer benefits

  • High strip quality from an optimized annealing and pickling process
  • All machines required are made entirely by ANDRITZ.
  • Technological know-how, especially for greenfield producers
  • Numerous references

Annealing furnace of a cold annealing and pickling line

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