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PrimeDry Steel cylinders for paper and board machines

The new dimension of drying for completely new machines or upgrades. Less space, less energy, and more efficiency!

The ANDRITZ PrimeDry Steel cylinders are more than an alternative to the cast iron cylinders in paper and board machines. With paper widths up to 10,500 mm and diameters up to 1,830 mm, ANDRITZ offers utmost flexibility for upgrades or new machines. The high performance drying cylinders are made entirely of steel, resulting in energy savings and cost efficient production.

Get to know our PrimeDry Steel cylinders for paper and board machines

Steel is the key to success

The thermal conductivity of the steel alloy in a PrimeDry Steel cylinder is similar to that of the cast iron, but the steel has superior strength. This means that the cylinder shell thickness can be optimized to give less resistance to the heat flux. As a result, the PrimeDry Steel cylinder performs up to 10% better than the same sized cast iron cylinder at the same operating pressure – enabling a papermaker to either increase production or lower energy consumption. In addition the web is dried uniformly without bad edges. Given the elasticity of steel, the development of a small crack in the cylinder can be much less serious than a crack in a cast iron cylinder.

Less space and production increase

In practice, steel cylinders can be operated at higher pressures than most cast iron cylinders. This is beneficial in rebuilds and upgrades, since it is possible to increase production without extending the dryer section. New machines can also have a shorter dryer section and still achieve a desired production level.

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