Metris addIQ RheoScan

Real-time, automatic adjustment of polymer dosage with the use of Artificial Intelligence to reduce your costs by up to 40%

The Metris addIQ RheoScan has been developed to control with the use of AI the adjustment of polymer to the current sludge conditions in real time 24/7.  Polymer and sludge processing costs will be reduced due to avoidance of drop off in cake dryness, blinded belts, and overdosing of polymer.


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Rheoscan (EN) - Real time, automatic adjustment of polymer dosage to reduce your costs by up to 40%

How can artificial intelligence support high-efficiency wastewater treatment while cutting costs?

Metris addIQ RheoScan, the first optical measurement system on the market, applies an intelligent camera system that detects the clear belt area and actual sludge viscosity during the thickening and dewatering process. With support of AI, Metris addIQ RheoScan ensures that the thickening and dewatering equipment always uses the optimum dose of polymer. It automatically adjusts and optimizes the polymer dose 24/7 and provides maximum flexibility to control and monitor the entire operation remotely, eliminating the need for on-site supervision.


Metris addIQ RheoScan is compatible with

  • all models and makes of belt filter presses,
  • gravity belt tables,
  • and polymer dosing systems
  • for all municipal and industrial sludges, slurries and suspension types.


  • Cost savings due to reduction of polymer consumption up to 40%
  • Amortization period of only a few months
  • Increase of operation stability and plant reliability
  • Operation without requiring supervision
  • Massive reduction of overspills
  • Squeeze control with second camera optional
  • A patented technology which works with any manufacturers’ automated polymer delivery system

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