Metris addIQ control systems with touch screen panel

Metris addIQ control systems

Intelligence for machine and process control

Your equipment is like a perfectly honed muscle, capable of working flawlessly, day in, day out. But without any sort of control, even the most perfect muscle is useless. Which is why you need a brain – or in the case of your machinery you need automation. And that’s why the specialists at ANDRITZ have developed Metris addIQ control systems – the brain behind the operation.


Metris - ANDRITZ digital solutions

addIQ control systems are part of Metris, the ANDRITZ brand for digital solutions. Metris technologies include latest state-of-the-art Industrial IoT solutions as well as any kind of smart service. These can be fully tailored to individual requirements and unite physical and digital worlds.

Adding value with Metris addIQ control systems

  • Enhance availability and minimize production costs
  • Increase overall equipment efficiency and reduce risk of operational errors
  • Analyze and optimize processes with data collection
  • Global automation specialist network providing local service
  • Scalability of solutions
  • Production transparency via mobile app access

Discover Metris addIQ control systems

Making your machines and processes even smarter

Is your business the best it can be? Perhaps you have untapped potential to reduce production losses and maximize availability? Even with the best equipment, there is always room for improvement in performance, productivity, and profit.

Metris addIQ control systems deliver all three

  • From basic automated movement,
  • up to a point where the machine can recognize changes and imbalances within the process and
  • help you to optimize accordingly.

Your separation specialists will help you find the perfect solution and schedule its implementation according to your production timetable, keeping downtime to a minimum.

The portfolio ranges from

  • Automation for new machines, process lines and plants
  • Upgrades for existing machines, process lines and plants, as for example our Metris addIQ radar feed controller or our artificial intelligent supported solution Metris addIQ RheoScan and Metris addIQ ARGOS
  • Metris addIQ Connect for remote support and fast interaction between your machine and the ANDRITZ specialist
  • Metris addIQ Monitoring for keeping an eye on the health status of your machine 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Metris addIQ Optimizing for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the production of your process
  • Training & audits

Enhance performance and boost productivity

With extensive experience paired with innovation and digitalization to deliver improvements precisely where they are needed, ANDRITZ is your partner helping you to profit from the opportunities that come with Industry 4.0. Combining cutting-edge automation solutions with digitalization is able to

  • enhance availability,
  • minimize production costs,
  • increase overall equipment efficiency,
  • and reduce the risk of operating errors, resulting in the high degree of reliability that is indispensable in these rapidly changing times.
Digitalization has already started to change the industrial world
The Kraft Heinz food company is the fifth largest manufacturer of food and beverages in the world
Metris addIQ control systems improve drying lines from ANDRITZ for Heinz-Georgievsk Ltd.

The Kraft Heinz food company is the fifth largest manufacturer of food and beverages in the world, hosting more than 200 brands in its portfolio. Heinz-Georgievsk is located in Russia in the Stavropol region, which is between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Heinz Georgievsk ZAO has specialized in producing the company’s wellknown powdered baby food.

Success Story LEIPA
Reducing flocculant consumption at LEIPA paper mill in Schwedt, Germany

Treating wastepaper to produce graphic recycling grades is a complex matter, as the sludges arising from the de-inking process cannot be dewatered successfully by mechanical means without adding flocculents - a costly undertaking if flocculent usage is inefficient. Family business LEIPA managed to optimize flocculent dosage, and increase the degree of equipment automation at their facility in Schwedt, Germany with Metris addIQ RheoScan.

How can better data keep your wastewater plant flowing?

Find out how our Metris addIQ helps one plant improve process performance with easy-to-access trend reports, real-time sludge flow and polymer dose monitoring, long-term process data, and much more.

Process optimization with RheoScan at a wastewater treatment plan in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In Ljubljana, Slovenia, one particular customer in the wastewater industry has continuously sought to improve efficiency. That is why the plant owner tested our RheoScan, an automated, optical polymer measurement and dosage system at the belt thickening stage to reduce polymer consumption and enhance digester performance, in 2014.


And the mentioned solutions are only scrapping the surface of what is possible with IIoT and sophisticated automation solutions. Ask your separation specialist for more information!

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