ANDRITZ-Metris Performance Center Graz

Metris Performance Center in Montbonnot, France

Digital service and support for nonwovens lines

The Metris Performance Center for ANDRITZ Nonwoven is located at ANDRITZ Perfojet in Montbonnot, France, and provides an excellent combination of process, technology and product knowledge with digital services for spunlace, needlepunch and wetlaid/wetlace lines.


Nonwovens producers are able to benefit from individual and fast customer service by using the Metris UX Platform for optimization of production processes, operator troubleshooting and decision support.

The Metris Performance Center is a global control center to manage service and support processes in order to serve our customers even faster. The most important elements here involve remote solutions, real-time communication and data analytics.

Thanks to remote access, our experts can be connected directly from the Metris Performance Center to your equipment, enabling them to detect and analyze problems and malfunctions more quickly and to help reduce or even eliminate potential downtime.

Real-time data analysis via the Metris UX Platform is another major benefit. The machine data is permanently read in and analyzed in background processes. This makes early detection of malfunctions easier and considerably shortens the reaction times.

The Metris Performance Center and Metris OPP have been created to significantly improve the efficiency of your equipment. You can read a current example of this in an interview with our customer Sapro.

A clinical operation with maximized efficiency

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ANDRITZ Perfojet
ZA Pré-Milliet 530 rue Aristide Bergès
38330 Montbonnot
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