ModuScreen fractionation

For clean short fiber fraction


ModuScreen A: reliable application

The ANDRITZ ModuScreen A is installed in medium- and low-consistency applications for screening and fractionation of all kinds of furnishes.

Benefits of the ModuScreen A

  • High screening efficiency due to advanced basket/rotor design
  • Low energy consumption saving operating costs
  • Optimized hydraulic flow patterns improving runnability
  • Flexible basket/rotor combinations allowing easy and quick adaptations for different raw materials
  • Common base for screen and motor saving installation costs

ModuScreen F: a multi-use screen

The ModuScreen F is a multi-use screen which can run as a coarse screen and both as high and low consistency fine screen as well as fractionator. The ModuScreen F has an optimized rotor/screen cylinder combination to ensure reliable performance and superior screening efficiency. The screening consistency can vary upon application.


  • Rugged mechanical design
  • Wide range of slot sizes
  • Spare parts compatible within ModuScreen product family

Benefits of the ModuScreen F

  • Advanced rotor and screen basket design
  • High screening efficiency
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Modular design
  • Easy maintenance
ModuScreen A

Fine screening - ModuScreen A

Fine screening ModuScreen F

Fine screening - ModuScreen F

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Pulping and Fiber
  • ModuScreen A

    Efficient screening and fractionation for all types of furnishes

    PDF : 202 KB
  • ModuScreen F

    Effective screening/fractionation for the entire capacity range

    PDF : 222 KB