Textile waste bales

Textile fiber preparation by means of shredding

Excellent feed material treatment right from the start

Textile fiber preparation lays the foundation for the subsequent textile recycling process steps, regardless of whether they are based on mechanical, chemical, combined or any other customer-specific form of treatment.

Numerous parameters influencing the choice of technology include the type and origin (input material) of the waste, feeding technique, particle size required, cleanliness, impurities such as zippers and ornaments, capacity, and all the needs of downstream processing.

ANDRITZ Recycling offers single equipment and complete conditioning systems comprising the following process steps: material feeding, shredding, conveying, separation, fine grinding, and storage of the finally conditioned material.

Different types of ADuro shredders form the technological centerpiece of the system. Our systems are capable of managing volumes of up to 200 t/d and are consistently developed on the basis of trials conducted in the ANDRITZ Recycling Technology Center near Graz, Austria.

Exemplary textile waste conditioning system


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  • Perfectly suited to any kind of downstream process
    (mechanical, chemical, combined or customer-specific)
  • Capable of handling large volumes – up to 200 t/d
  • Trouble-free processing of demanding feed material, such as denim
  • No damaging of fibers, thus enabling the best possible subsequent treatment
  • Optimized shredding of feed material to the defined particle size
  • Tailor-made separation of shredded textile and “heavies”
    (e.g. zippers and buttons)
  • Very high purity of output material (up to 95%)
  • Different shredder rotor-types available to accommodate the different kinds of textile waste


  • Commercial textile waste
  • Clothing
  • Special materials like carpets
  • White/colored textile waste


  • Finally conditioned textile material
  • Ferrous metal fraction
    (e.g. wires from textile bales)
  • Non-ferrous metal fraction
    (e.g. zippers)

More coarse output material at ART-Center


Finally conditioned output material at ART-Center


Did you know that..

ANDRITZ received an order in 2021 from the Swedish company Renewcell for a 60,000 t/a textile recycling line, featuring ADuro shredders, to be delivered to its new recycling plant in Sundsvall?

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ADuro shredder technology equipped with innovative cutting systems
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