Seawater FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurization)

ANDRITZ offers seawater flue gas desulphurization with low operating and maintenance cost for coastal regions.

Based on extensive experience with limestone FGD since 1995, we developed a seawater flue gas desulphurization process for use in power plants in coastal areas by taking full advantage of the cooling water circuit downstream of the condenser.


Ideal solution for coastal plant

ANDRITZ´s seawater FGD system is able to work without additional absorbent, and there are no by-products or waste created that need further treatment or disposal. Raw flue gas enters the scrubber and is cleaned in counter-current by seawater.

The principle applied here is similar to the limestone process. Depending on the application


ANDRITZ offers an FGD scrubber based on the well proven open spray tower technology, combined with an FGDplus system. In addition, ANDRITZ also has experience with a packed tower design for seawater FGD systems. These systems

are beneficial in optimizing the plant’s footprint and efficiency at high SO2 inlet concentrations.


Wise principle

The principle of our process is to make use of the natural alkalinity of seawater instead of using limestone solution to absorb acidic substances in the flue gas. The SO2 is first converted into sulphite. Then the sulphite is oxidated to form sulphate in the

CFD-optimized aeration basin in order to maintain the pH, raise the DO (dissolved oxygen), and reduce the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand). In the meantime, CO2 formed by the neutralization reaction is stripped by aeration membranes, and the

pH value is increased consequently to meet legal requirements.


Key features

Outstanding for various fuels (lignite, hard coal, oil, and biomass)

Up to 99% SO2 removal

No by-products

Seawater as absorbent

Open spray tower technology and packed tower design

Low operating and maintenance costs

High availability

Options for materials of construction (high-alloy carbon steel with

rubber lining, concrete with PP-lining, glass fiber reinforced plastics)

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