ANDRITZ Kufferath

ANDRITZ Kufferath is one of the leading European specialists in the development, manufacture and distribution of forming fabrics for the paper industry.

ANDRITZ Kufferath strives to meet customers’ expectations by delivering high-quality products, such as TecnoWeave, FormWeave, and other forming fabrics for various applications.

More than 200 years of entrepreneurial spirit

ANDRITZ Kufferath was founded in 1782 in Mariaweiler near Düren, Germany, focusing on the production of molds and bronze wires for the pre-industrial method of papermaking. As a member of international ANDRITZ Group, it has access to a global sales and service network, as well as world-wide organization packed with long-term experiences and engineering knowledge.

Three main product areas

WeSeries – technical wire cloth for the paper industry

As a supplier of forming fabrics, ANDRITZ Kufferath offers the complete range for the production of all paper grades and for every type of paper machine. The product range offers technical wire cloth for applications in the paper industry, such as pulp production, formation, waste disposal, and stock preparation.

TecnoWeave - Technical wire cloth for industrial applications

ANDRITZ Kufferath offers TecnoWeave products that are used in food processing, mining, and waste water treatment, as well as in the wood, chemical, plastics, and building material industries, and in nonwoven and fiber glass production. ANDRITZ Kufferath’s extensive technical expertise provides the basis on which the company offers custom-tailored solutions for customers worldwide.

Quality and service

ANDRITZ Kufferath’s products comply with high quality standards – all processes relating to work and production are documented and evaluated according to ISO 9001-2000 standards. ANDRITZ Kufferath develops state-of-the-art solutions for specific product requirements in close cooperation with the customer. Quality and service is an integral part of ANDRITZ’s business philosophy by offering a complete range of technical services and constant quality optimization in the forefront.

Only for German customers!

Note regarding take-back obligation § 15 Packaging Act:

ANDRITZ Kufferath GmbH ensures, in order to fulfil the take-back obligations according to § 15 Packaging Act, the take-back as well as the professional and proper recycling of the delivered packaging. The packaging shall be taken back by handing it over at the registered office of ANDRITZ Kufferath GmbH in 52353 Düren, Lommessenstrasse 32-36. The costs incurred for collection and recycling have to be covered by the customer.

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