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ANDRITZ Kufferath s.r.o. Levice

ANDRITZ Kufferath is one of the leading European specialists in the development, manufacture and distribution of forming fabrics for the paper industry.


ANDRITZ Kufferath s.r.o. Levice provides high-quality products, efficient service and professional working cooperation in order to reach customers´ satisfaction.

We are enthusiastic and we love, what we do. We use knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to accomplish success in every working area.

Our progressive growth

Kufferath s.r.o. located in Levice was established in 1996 with just 17 employees working in Seaming department. In 2008 it became a member of international ANDRITZ group – The world leader in innovational engineering.

Today ANDRITZ Kufferath s.r.o Levice employs more than 300 people and working possibilities are divided into 2 main areas: Production departments and Shared Service Center.

The 5 focus areas we cover

Seaming department forms Fabrics. By processing and weaving screens produces a final product – an endless strip. It is used in the paper production industry. Each product has to be of 100% quality.

Metal products specialize in production of stainless flanges and various welded, threaded products from perforated and punched metal sheets.

Refiner provides general machine and PSF plug screws repairs. The service center in Levice guarantees the high ANDRITZ quality levels with constant implementation of new improvements and innovations.

We offer a wide range of services for Pulping and surrounding processes, and also focus on the repair of all types of rotors and screen plates, regardless of the OEM.

The primary challenge of Project Management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints, such as scope, time, quality and budget. In practice, the management of such distinct production approaches requires the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies.

Shared Service Center offers services in the field of procurement, logistics, IT and accounting.

© ANDRITZ | Photographer Zuzana Pustaiova
© ANDRITZ | Photographer Zuzana Pustaiova
© ANDRITZ | Photographer Zuzana Pustaiova
© ANDRITZ | Photographer Zuzana Pustaiova

ANDRITZ Kufferath s.r.o. Levice

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