Purchasing phase

Shopping for raw materials, components and standard parts

The second step in each project execution process is the purchasing phase. It is divided into two main tasks: the purchase of raw materials and the purchase of components and standard parts.

Purchasing of raw materials for tailor-made parts

For this procedure, the production engineering department plans the number of needed raw materials such as castings, steel sheets, round steel bars, and various other items. This shopping list is based on the drawings and part lists created by the design team. With this information, the purchasing department buys the necessary materials.

Purchasing is divided into two main tasks: raw materials for tailor-made parts and purchasing of components and standard parts.

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Purchasing of components and standard parts

Since pumps are not only made of tailor-made parts, standard parts such as screws, nuts, bearings, and seals need to be bought by the purchasing department as well. The information about type, number, and other facts is provided either by the design or the manufacturing engineering department.

The number of needed steel sheets is based on the drawings and part lists created by the design team.

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ANDRITZ purchases from approved suppliers only

Only the best

ANDRITZ sets high standards in procuring materials for use in our final products, based on systematic planning according to the requirements of the market. Hence, everything is purchased from approved suppliers only. This means that current suppliers are regularly checked by the quality assurance department to ensure that first quality is used for our products. Global procurement, however, is continuously looking for quality-focused, cost-efficient, and reliable suppliers of modules, systems, and single components on a worldwide basis in order to optimize cost, constantly improve the quality of ANDRITZ’s products, and provide innovations to customers.

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