How can technology create new revenue from animal byproducts?

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Did you know: Our ANDRITZ Gouda drum drying technology helps meat processors recapture valuable animal byproducts, transforming them into consistent, high-quality powdered protein for a wide range of uses in pet food, feed, and other end products.

Delicate nutrients demand gentle treat-ment. And when it comes to transforming animal byproducts into valuable new protein sources, nothing gives you more consistent, high-quality results than AN-DRITZ Gouda drum drying. How do we know? Because we test new customer innovations every day at our multiple European pilot plants. Finding new ways to preserve nutritional  properties, create novel products, and conserve energy.    

Our solution: 

ANDRITZ Gouda drum drying lines.


The ability to transform animal byproducts into consistently high-quality protein products at high volume with excellent energy efficiency.

How can technology create new revenue from animal byproducts?

It’s just one of countless challenges solved by ANDRITZ Separation – one of the leading separation technology specialists. With the broadest technology portfolio and more than 2,000 specialists in 40 countries, ANDRITZ Separation is a driving force in the evolution of separation technologies, services, and solutions. 

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