Textile recycling is becoming all the rage, but what is it exactly? And what are the challenges and opportunities in this exciting sector?

As consumers become more and more aware of the damage fossil-derived textiles do to the environment, as well as the unsustainable implications of cotton growing, recycling of all types of textiles is gaining momentum. Now we are seeing a sea change in the approach to new, more environmentally friendly textiles recycled from the mass of existing ones.

In the first part of our two-part podcast, we hear from leading textile industry analyst Andreas Engelhardt, Founder and President of the Fiber Year, on the scale and size of the global textile industry as well as challenges and opportunities presented by the recycling of textiles.


Andreas Engelhardt

Season 1 / Episode #10a


We also hear from four ANDRITZ process experts in textile Recycling,

Charles Junker,
Head of Sales, ANDRITZ Laroche,

Hannu Råmark,
Vice President Technology, Fiber Technologies Division,

Jorma Latva-Kokko,
Vice President, Mechanical Pulping, Paper, Fiber and Recycling Division and

Michael Waupotitsch,
Vice President, Reject and Recycling, Paper, Fiber and Recycling Division.

The ANDRITZ experts will be talking about the vast range of technical applications now available for textile recycling.

Hannu Ramark
Jorma Latva-Kokko
Michael Waupotitsch

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