The tissue machine

Utmost flexibility

The tissue machine offers utmost flexibility. It features eight configurations that are available as single-machine concepts on the market! You can run trials on what could potentially be your future machine.

Dry-creped tissue

Dry-creped tissue, so-called conventional tissue, is produced on CrescentFormers with either a suction pressure roll or a shoe press configuration.

Textured tissue

Bringing together both: energy efficiency and higher sheet quality – textured tissue.

Structured tissue

The pilot plant features different TAD configurations for trials that essentially vary with regard to energy consumption.

TM specification

Headbox: 1, 2, and 3-layer configuration with dilution control

Former: CrescentFormer, TwinWire former

Pre-Dryer:  2 TAD drums, 14 ft.

Hood:  TAD hood

Press:  Suction or shoe press

Dryer: Steel Yankee, 16 ft.

Hood: High-temperature hood

Sheet run: Passive/active foil

Reel: Centerwind reel