Tissue machine

The tissue machine

Utmost flexibility

The tissue machine offers utmost flexibility. It features eight configurations that are available as single-machine concepts on the market! You can run trials on what could potentially be your future machine.


"The PrimeLineTIAC will be the birthplace of new products and processes with unique value. Demonstrating them on a pilot scale will help the papermaker to trust in these developments."

Andreas Anzel

Head of R&D Tissue


Dry-creped, textured, and structured

The world’s most modern pilot plant for tissue production!

Dry-creped tissue

Dry-creped tissue, so-called conventional tissue, is produced on CrescentFormers with either a suction pressure roll or a shoe press configuration.

Textured tissue

Bringing together both: energy efficiency and higher sheet quality – textured tissue.

Structured tissue

The pilot plant features different TAD configurations for trials that essentially vary with regard to energy consumption.

TM specification

Headbox: 1, 2, and 3-layer configuration with dilution control

Former: CrescentFormer, TwinWire former

Pre-Dryer:  2 TAD drums, 14 ft.

Hood:  TAD hood

Press:  Suction or shoe press

Dryer: Steel Yankee, 16 ft.

Hood: High-temperature hood

Sheet run: Passive/active foil

Reel: Centerwind reel