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Main focus on innovation, quality and resource savings

Explore the limits! Conduct trials with the aim of improving quality, optimizing costs, and saving energy and resources, and/or obtain operator and maintenance training.

Latest innovations

You will have a unique opportunity to conduct trials with completely new technologies (follow-up machine developments) that have not yet been launched on the market, or with your own technologies. You will have the chance to test these new concepts in advance and thus potentially gain a competitive advantage.

Optimization and trainings

You can conduct trials to  improve end product quality on a headbox with 1, 2, or 3-layers, or to optimize your fibers and furnish, increase dryness, and reduce energy consumption. The testing possibilities include trials for pulp, chemicals, refining and clothing, different press concepts (suction press and shoe press), hot air, steam, and vacuum concepts. Simulated start-ups and training scenarios complete your trial portfolio.

Know-how exchange

Rolls that are produced under different conditions will be converted to enable a blind test with your end-customers in your market. ANDRITZ experts from research and development, stock preparation, tissue machine design, engineering and operation, automation, and pumps are looking forward to an extensive know-how exchange with you!

The laboratories

Stock preparation testing, such as strength, optical, physical fiber, chemical fiber and effluent analysis. The tissue machine laboratory enables R&D regarding basis weight, caliper, wet/dry tensile, formation, and softness.


The ASTRÖ laboratory enables hydraulic development and investigation work, numerical flow simulation (CFD), model tests and numerous other services to achieve the high efficiencies of ANDRITZ pumps.