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Pump solutions for the tissue production

Unique, efficient and custom-tailored

ANDRITZ pumps for the tissue production in PrimeLineTIAC fulfill highest expectations in terms of efficiency, lifecycle, maintenance friendliness, and economic efficiency. The pumps are equipped with a sensor concept that is unique in pilot plants worldwide.


"The Tissue Center offers a perfect opportunity to present our new and unique sensor concept. The pumps are equipped with sensors to obtain detailed measurements and provide precise pump control and regulation, which offers more important online information on process and operation under different conditions.”"

Harald Chladil

Vice President Standard Pumps Graz


One pump type – Multiple tasks

Installed as process pumps, ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps transport all  types of liquid and water. Due to their operational range, these pumps also operate in the stock preparation pumping suspensions at consistencies of up to 8% b.d. Equipped with an additional degasser and an internal vacuum pump, two of these versatile pumps fulfill drainage purposes in order to prevent flooding of the tissue plant.

The core pump

ANDRITZ fan pump operates as headbox pump with lowest pulsation thanks to offset rotor blades developed especially for tissue production. The pump conveys pure and slightly contaminated media as well as stock suspensions at consistencies of up to 2% in this tissue machine.

Unique pump sensor concept

It allows to control the operating mode of the pumps, to obtain important information on the process and on operation under different conditions.