ANDRITZ Annual Report 2020 - Innovations


The business strategy of the ANDRITZ GROUP is focused on achieving long-term, profitable growth.

Research and development, acquisition of companies with complementary products, technological and cost leadership, extension of the company’s market position, and global presence are the main cornerstones of this strategy. ANDRITZ’s long-term goal is to obtain annual revenue growth averaging five to eight percent and to increase profitability (EBITA margin) sustainably to eight percent at the same time.


ANDRITZ conducts systematic research and development work worldwide in order to be able to offer its customers the latest and most efficient technologies at all times. Around three percent of revenue are invested annually in innovation and in research and development, including order-related work of this kind. In addition to the company’s own research centers and pilot plants, ANDRITZ also operates an active ideas and innovation management system in order to promote the ideas of its employees.

By offering smart technologies that create added value, ANDRITZ not only supports its customers in achieving their business goals as best possible but also taps into new revenue and growth opportunities for its business areas.

The acquisition of companies with complementary products/technologies is also one of the main cornerstones of the ANDRITZ business and growth strategies. Integration of these companies into the Group creates important synergies and also paves the way for the new members of the Group to achieve organic growth. The Group’s overall goal is to become a full-service provider with global presence in all business areas by developing its own products and acquiring other companies.

At the same time as achieving revenue growth, the company seeks to increase profitability in the long term and obtain an EBITA margin averaging eight percent in the coming years. Continuous optimization of cost and organizational structures as well as further expansion of stable service business are among the measures implemented to achieve this margin.

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The ANDRITZ GROUP numbers among the leading global suppliers in all of its business areas. In order to consolidate and further develop this position, it is essential for ANDRITZ to always offer the very latest technologies that help customers to achieve their goals in terms of productivity, quality, resource and energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Hence, the company’s goal is to be the preferred technology supplier while still maintaining a competitive cost structure. The main cornerstones here are continuous cost optimizations and a manufacturing and location strategy aligned to future market opportunities that takes account of regional cost and competitive advantages.


ANDRITZ focuses on markets with long-term and sustained growth potential. Within these markets, the Group concentrates on rapidly growing segments that are experiencing above-average growth compared to the gross national product and whose growth is enhanced by long-term socio-ecological trends or megatrends, such as urbanization, digital transformation or electromobility.

With a balanced mix of global and local presence, ANDRITZ can support its customers in achieving their goals in terms of productivity, profitability and sustainability. It is thus one of the ANDRITZ GROUP’s main objectives to continue extending its worldwide presence in order to utilize growth potential, particularly in the emerging economies of South America and Asia, while at the same time being close to its customers in order to offer the best possible and prompt service.

By further relocating manufacturing capacities to emerging markets, ANDRITZ can profit from growth in these regions and, at the same time, provide a strong impetus for economic growth and employment there.

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