DeNOx scrubber

The NOx scrubbing system is a 2 steps process in which the NOx emissions are initially oxidized before being absorbed in a scrubber.

After a temperature reduction of the flue gases in a quencher, the NOx emissions are oxidized in a first reactor in the presence of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) or ozone (O3). Subsequently the nitrogen oxides are absorbed in a scrubber using a caustic soda (NaOH) / sodium sulfite (Na2SO3) solution. In this second reactor, dust and SOx are simultaneously removed. The system is also design for an optimal use of the recovered heat.

The DeNOx scrubber from ANDRITZ is a suitable and reliable solution for industrial application with harsh operating conditions like in the Pulp & Paper, Waste to Energy and other industries.

The key features of the ANDRITZ DeNOx scrubber are:

  • NOx removal rates up to 80%
  • Low temperature application (< 100°C possible)
  • Simultaneous dust and SO2 removal
  • Reliable operation for harsh operational conditions (temperature, flue gases with various contaminants, …)
  • Integrated heat recovery with GGHs or feed water pre-heating