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Site Measurement at ANDRITZ Hydro in Switzerland

Expertise in measurement and analysis technique – a strong combination

To enable safe operation and short outage times of a hydropower plant in a challenging modern environment, precise knowledge about the condition of the hydropower plant and the load of its components is of vital importance.


This knowledge enables the operator to act status-oriented and to reduce investment costs, and is obtained by ANDRITZ Hydro through various available measurement methods.

The following key methods are available within ANDRITZ Hydro:

Vibration Measurement

  • Fingerprint measurements
  • Extended machine diagnostics measurements
  • Experimental mode shape analysis

Efficiency Test

  • Thermodynamic efficiency test
  • Index test
  • Pressure time method
  • Acoustic transient time

3D Geometry Measurements

  • 3D Scanning
  • Laser tracker
  • Faro Arm

Strain Gauge Measurement

  • Static strain measurements
  • Dynamic strain measurements

Winding diagnosis

  • Visual inspection, slot wedging check
  • Polarisation- and leakage current measurement
  • Dielectric loss factor and capacity measurement
  • Partial discharge measurement
  • DC- and AC-high voltage test
  • Interturn insulation test

Thermo-diagnosis of generators

  • Air-temperature distribution
  • Pressure distribution in main generator areas
  • End-winding temperature and Hot-Spots
  • Stator Yoke-back temperatures
  • Air flow and temperature distribution in the Stator cooling ducts
  • Global air flow measurement

Special measurements

  • Axial thrust measurement
  • Foundation stiffness measurement
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Natural torsion and bending frequency measurement


Strain gauge measurement on a Francis runner

Strain gauge measurement on a Pelton runner

Based on ANDRITZ Hydro’s expertise in the field of hydraulic and electrical equipment and systems the company not only offers the performance of these measurements, but also, of course, the interpretation of the measured data and the derivation of appropriate and suitable solutions e.g. for maintenance, operation, troubleshooting, etc.

The know-how of ANDRITZ Hydro’s measurement engineers

ANDRITZ Hydro’s measurement engineers are specialists among others in hydraulic layout, structural analysis, rotor dynamic analysis, and electrical layout of generators. They are therefore able to provide a professional and analytical interpretation of the measurement results.

This combination of know-how in measurement techniques and analytical background allows ANDRITZ Hydro to provide sustainable and comprehensive customer support, reducing involved interfaces and minimizing the effort and therefore ensuring a high level of reliability and safety regarding the result evaluation.

Three-phase approach

The comprehensive hydraulic and electrical knowledge of ANDRITZ Hydro’s measurement engineers supports the so called “Three-phase approach” - diagnosis, analysis and therapy of hydraulic machinery. This was successfully applied in numerous service and rehabilitation projects worldwide by ANDRITZ Hydro for many years.

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