ANDRITZ Hydro Production in Kriens

The workshop in Kriens has more than 160 years of experience in manufacturing, service and rehabilitation, erection and commissioning of hydroelectric power plants of every type as well as the orders placed in our Shop which have a significant meaning for ANDRITZ Hydro.

In order to proceed efficiently with the orders, a modern very well furnished machine park is available for small and large parts with a weight up to 80 tonnes, stoves for heat treatments, 3D measurement units as well as a coating system for thermal spraying (HVOF). Our professional specialists are trained in the machining, grinding and welding operations, non-destructive material check-up and demanding assembly works (crane capacity up to 160 tonnes). Of course, the shipping process (packaging, transportation and customs clearance) also belongs on-site to our activities and completes our portfolio.

ANDRITZ Hydro work in Kriens


Mechanical manufacturing

Qualified specialists with a long-term experience in milling, turning, and grinding processes and with flexible working hours ensure a short processing time.

  • CNC center lathes (ø 2 m and 10 t)
  • CNC carousel turning machines (8.8 m and 80 t)
  • milling machines operated conventionally (12 m and 80 t)
  • table drilling and milling units
  • CNC machining center (vertical)
  • milling center - 5 axis
  • CNC machining center (horizontal)
  • plate, drilling and milling centers
  • radial drilling machine
  • circular grinding machine
  • flat grinding machine
  • mobile eroding machine



Turbine workshop and onsite assemblies

With their specialized knowledge and more than 25 years of experience in the Service & Rehab business, our mechanics, electricians, pneumatics specialists, hydraulicians, pipe locksmiths, and scrapers guarantee professional assemblies and dismantling.

  • crane capacity up to 90 t
  • assembly area / turntable 1500 m2 / 200 m2
  • hydraulic pressure test up to 300 bar, water and oil
  • static balancing up to 80 t / dynamic up to 5 t
  • workshop pit (length 8 m x width 6.5 m x depth 4 m)



Generator workshop and onsite assemblies

Our team in the Service and Rehab division with its long-term manufacturing experience for generator constructions and related infrastructures fulfills all customer requirements from cleaning to a completely new installation.

  • stator manufacturing (metal and winding installations, etc.)
  • rotor manufacturing and wave manufacturing including workshop assembly
  • poles manufacturing in massive and single metal implementation
  • electric check and diagnosis measurements
  • servicing and maintenance of generators and exciters



All kinds of inspection work on hydraulic machines

Professional inspection work for parts of all turbine types and generators with grinding and welding work, warm treatment, and coating. Various non-destructive tests guarantee the necessary quality.



SXHTM coating

  • fixed spray process HVOF
  • mobile spray process HVOF



Heat treatment

Pieces size from length 7.5 m x width 7.5 m x 3.5 m

  • gas heat treatment
  • electric heat treatment




3D geometry measurement

  • laser tracker
  • gauge arm
  • 3D scan arm
  • 3D scanner



Non-destructive testing

  • VT visual check
  • PT colour penetration testing
  • MT magnetic powder testing
  • UT ultrasound testing



Surface treatment

  • sandblasting
  • painting


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