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Vocational training in Kriens

Your path to becoming a professional - with an apprenticeship at ANDRITZ Hydro

More than 10 apprentices in various training programmes, dedicated vocational trainers and a training system in a practice-oriented environment await you. Basic vocational training at ANDRITZ Hydro is the ideal springboard for a successful future as a sought-after specialist.


Apprentices are trained in the following positions:

All these professions are completed with the FCC (Federal Certificate of Competence).

Try-out days

If you are not yet sure about your career choice and don't know exactly whether you fit in with us or if we fit in with you - then we can simply get to know each other at a try-out session. If you are interested, please send us your complete application file (letter of motivation, CV, references and any try-out reports) by e-mail at:

Apply now

If you have decided on a profession, you can apply by e-mail with your complete application file (letter of motivation, CV, certificates, try-out reports and job skills test).