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Manufacturing in Ravensburg

ANDRITZ applies manufacturing standards of the highest level to fulfill customer requirements in terms of quality, costs, and time.

This can be achieved by covering various process steps in the value chain (planning, key-component manufacturing, in-house assembly, shipping, site erection, service support).

Manufacture of pitch propeller 

Core competencies of ANDRITZ Hydro Ravensburg

  • COC/COM for Francis runners
  • COC/COM for welding technology (including cladding)
  • Repair-welding on service rehab parts
  • Construction of large steel components with complex mechanical processing
  • Planning and execution of revisions
  • Processing and grinding of hydraulic outlines
  • Quality inspection and appraisal of complex parts
  • Assembly, function testing, and commissioning


Manufacturing of a Francis runner

Main products

  • Large Kaplan, Francis, and Hiweld Pelton runners
  • Revision and assembly of large valves
  • Service
  • Controllable pitch propellers
  • Production orders for large parts
  • Manufacture of large shafts

Manufacturing of runners

  • All welding procedures
  • Welding machine (up to a diameter of 8 m, 250 tons)
  • Heat treatment
  • Non-destructive material tests (PT, MT, UT, and RT)
  • Mobile heat treatment for workpieces up to 300 tons

Manufacturing of components

  • Turning and milling on large machine tools
  • CNC rotating table (up to 14 m diameter, 7 m height and 320 tons max.)
  • CNC boring machine (up to 12 x 5 m and 100 tons max.)
  • 3D-CAD-CAM for turning and milling of free-form surfaces
  • Machines with five axes


  • Assembly, static balancing, and commissioning of large parts up to 320 tons max.
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