Acid regeneration plants

Increase profit – reduce ecological footprint

The ANDRITZ spray roasting and fluid bed processes recycle hydrochloric acid with an efficiency of 99.5% for reuse in your pickling line. WAPUR is the optimum process for cleaning spent pickling acid. ECOmode, the newly developed process for HCl acid regeneration plants, represents the next big step in a series of improvements, and can not only be used for new installations, but also for existing plants.

The ANDRITZ Metals acid regeneration technology provides advanced and state-of-the-art systems for:

  • Hydrochloric acid recovery
  • Waste acid purificaton (WAPUR) for cleaning spent pickling acid
  • ECOmode upgrade
  • High-quality oxide production from metal chlorides (Fe, Ni, Co, Ti, Mg, etc.)

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Do you have unused metal ore fractions or solutions?

Are you looking for a closed loop leaching process?
Together we develop your process and prove technical feasibility on a pilot scale. We produce valuable metal oxide samples for product demonstration and further investigation.

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  • Regeneration sytems for HCl acid PDF : 1.8 MB
  • ECOmode

    ECOmode, reduce emissions

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