From hot rolled coils to value added products

Carbon steel and his vast variety of applications is a fascinating and dynamic material. Let`s treat and shape it to perfection.

The concepts and technology from decades of experience, and the specific needs in the different application fields drive us to new ideas and specialized solutions. Together as partners we want to condition, treat, and shape the material to its best.


ANDRITZ – your partner who appreciates to walk down the supply chain with you to value added products

Arthur Stingl

Senior Vice President

Our experience - your success

ANDRITZ Metals is the only supplier which combines the total range of technology and plants within the cold mill complex area, and further down to the value added shaped and finished products in the field of automotive, aerospace, home appliances transport, and packing. This allows us an even better level of understanding and a quick and solution oriented approach to the needs of the current market.

ANDRITZ Metals has introduced and managed to change concepts in the past which are still setting today's standard, and exceeding product quality. Some examples are:

  • HCL shallow turbulent venturi pickling technology in combination with the
  • Spray roast acid regeneration technology
  • Continuous annealing and galvanizing furnaces with DFF-“Direct Fired Furnace Technology”
  • The fastest low H2 content cooling technology DRJC in furnaces
  • Electrolytic galvanizing technology GRAVITEL for highest quality application

ANDRITZ METALS has still the passion for exploring and exploiting the actual and future opportunities with new developments  that have proven to be the competitive edge in quality, capacity and environmental for your production.

  • Sundwig MonoBlock - the game changer in the standard cold rolling market, with significant technical and economic benefits
  • High speed pickling technology
  • WAPURmode or ECOmode for acid regeneration systems with highest oxide quality or lowest energy consumption guaranteed
  • S6-high rolling mill technology for AHSS and UHSS
  • Hot dip coating for AHSS and UHSS material by DFF and RT oxidation technology
  • Highest capacity of expose material by “revese flow snout”

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