Recycle your diapers waste to value

Separation and recycling process for absorbent hygiene products (AHP)

Recycling industrial AHP waste is a complex but crucial process to reduce environmental impact. Industrial AHP waste consists of layers of absorbent materials, plastics, and adhesives. These components require special techniques for separation and recycling.

Combined strenghts with ANDRITZ Nonwoven

ANDRITZ Diatec‘s expertise in AHP converting technology seamlessly blends with ANDRITZ Laroche‘s
proficiency in recycling processes.

The two companies have joined forces to introduce an industrial AHP recycling line, marking a significant stride towards a more sustainable future and converting waste into value.

Product features:

  • Capacity from small to high volumes
  • High-quality separation of SAP, fluff pulp, and other materials
  • Closed-loop process for SAP and fluff pulp with the integrated ANDRITZ dosing system


  • Recycling of AHP waste to create value
  • Cost and logistics advantages
  • State-of-the-art process with operator-friendly design

Recycling configuration for hygiene converting line


Separation and recycling process

The combination of advanced technologies and features in the AHP recycling line ensures both efficiency and sustainability. The newly developed line separates SAP, fluff pulp, and other components of an AHP and can recycle SAP and fluff pulp in a closed loop to produce new AHP. It thus ensures the recycled material is of a high quality. This contributes to responsible management of industrial AHP waste and offers a clear advantage in cost and logistics handling.

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