Continuous risk monitoring & management: RAM²

ANDRITZ empowers industrial organizations and critical infrastructure operators to proactively reduce risks to their operational environments with a unique technology developed by its OT security partner OTORIO.

Key benefits

  • Deep asset inventory of all connected OT/IT/IIoT assets mapped to operational processes and monitoring changes
  • Non-intrusive and effective breach and attack simulations
  • Prioritized insights and simplified playbooks to mitigate threats efficiently

Key features

  • Contextual asset inventory discovering all assets in the OT/IT/IIoT environment including level 0 assets
  • Prioritized cyber risk insights and playbooks based on cross-site research and proprietary algorithms
  • Industrial vulnerabilities and risk assessment correlating severity with operational impact and mapping vulnerabilities to assets with prioritizing gaps
  • Network segmentation assessment reducing the attack surface by identifying segmentation gaps and delivering prioritized action items
  • Continuous compliance tracking providing compliance fulfillment recommendations based on dynamic and granular compliance scores; including standards like NIST 800-82, IEC 62443 and NERC CIP
  • Detailed dashboards and reports from a comprehensive security posture overview to granular insights on assets, business units and enterprise level

Operational continuity for digitized industrial networks

Digitization processes, expedited by the global pandemic and rapidly transforming supply chains, expose the operational systems and production floors to an ever-growing variety of cyber and digital risks. Protecting such complex multi-vendor, multi-generation IT-IIoT-OT environments requires a comprehensive understanding of the operational structure, technology, processes, data flows and effectiveness of existing security controls. This is why ANDRITZ is committed to enabling operational security teams to proactively address, manage and reduce cyber risks.

As a leader in the industrial automation industry, ANDRITZ utilizes the most advanced technology to provide clear risk contextualization and business impact prioritization as well as feasible mitigation playbooks for large, multi-site, multi-vendor environments.

Continuous industrial risk monitoring and management

ANDRITZ utilizes RAM², a unique technology developed by its OT security partner OTORIO. RAM² features a unique, patent-pending IT/OT cybersecurity digital twin, aggregating information from diverse operational and security systems to create a digital representation of the operational environment. Then, applying OTORIO’s powerful, non-intrusive breach and attack simulation engine, RAM² enables organizations to quickly understand their security posture and proactively address vulnerabilities and exposures before they become breaches.

Reducing noise, focusing on meaningful data

Continuously discovering, analyzing and monitoring all OT, IT and IIoT assets within the operational environment, RAM² aggregates security events and digital risks from across the entire OT network. It then correlates the risks and alerts and prioritizes them based on their impact on operational and business continuity. In doing so, RAM² significantly reduces alert fatigue as it reduces thousands of security events to a manageable number of prioritized insights, helping security teams focus only on the most relevant data.

  • RAM² - IT/OT Cyber Security Platform for Continuous Risk Monitoring & Management PDF : 1.2 MB
  • RAM² - IT/OT Cyber Security Platform for Continuous Risk Monitoring & Management PDF : 1.2 MB